Warscryer Citadel


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The towering edifices known as Warscryer Citadels are highly sought after by the masters of warfare. Not only do they offer a superb position and a commanding view of the battlefield, they are built upon glittering meteorites hurled by Sigmar himself. Rich in Azyrite celestium, these jagged structures allow those that harness their realmstone to see the future – and seize victory accordingly. 

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Warscryer Citadel. Built into a rock face, and impressively large, the Citadel is positively festooned with skulls – almost every surface features at least one, including several carved into the rock itself. It comprises 2 distinct buildings; a somewhat rickety main tower, with carved steps leading up to its reinforced door, sigmarite cross decorations, several imposing, barred windows, and a walkway leading to a secondary tower. there are 3 options for the secondary tower: a simple bare platform, a set of crenellated battlements, or a domed arcanoscope – this is the optical device used to observe the future by whoever controls the Citadel. 

The Warscryer Citadel comes as 43 components.

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